Bixx: The Perfect Supperclub in San Francisco

Bixx: The Perfect Supperclub in San Francisco

When searching for a restaurant to dine at, we take into account five essential aspects: cuisine, libations, ambiance, hospitality, and decor. Rarely do we encounter a place that fulfills every aspect flawlessly. Bix is one of those places without a doubt. The best way to describe this restaurant is as a sophisticated speakeasy, a refined supper club, or a chic saloon that serves contemporary American cuisine in a grandiose two-story dining hall, all the while being serenaded by live jazz performances every evening. This magical supperclub is tucked away on a cobblestone alley in the San Francisco Financal district and is by far our favorite place in the city. We’ve been there for almost any occasion: Date night, Birthday, Valentines Day, or just to grab a drink. 

* As a disclaimer, this is not a place to bring your vegan friends. They will be very upset at the very limited non-meat options * 


As previously noted, Bix's exudes the ambiance of a classic supper club, emanating a captivating aura that is simply irresistible. With the melodic strains of live music and the never-ending hum of animated conversations, one cannot help but succumb to the enchantment of this vibrant eatery. Night after night, guests are treated to an array of live jazz performances, spanning from intimate Solo Piano sessions to the rhythmic harmonies of Jazz trios.


Bix's was born in 80's during the Martini Boom, making them well-versed in the art of the classic cocktail. With an extensive menu that encompasses all the traditional favorites, you can sip with ease, on any familiar libations. Even if your preferred drink isn't featured on their menu, Bix's bartenders never fail to impress. For instance, Jaquory's go-to drink is the Cognac sour, and their rendition of it is consistently exceptional.


To kick off your meal, the appetizers are nothing short of exceptional. The selection of oysters, deviled eggs, and scallop crudo are guaranteed to tantalize your palate. One not to be missed is the Potato Pillows, which are deep-fried fluffy potatoes with Crème Fraîche and California Sturgeon Caviar. As for the main dishes, they are absolutely incredible. From the delectable Bone Marrow and Duck Breast to the savory Chicken Hash and Truffle Burger, you simply cannot make a wrong choice. However, the only drawback is that the salads may come across as mundane and lackluster, but with so many other mouthwatering options on the menu, it's easy to overlook this small fla


Bix's is an art deco master pieces that feels like it hasn't been touched since the 1930's. The two-story building with its vaulted ceiling and theatrical charm is a sight to behold. On each visit, we find ourselves admiring "the Butler in love," one of the finest art pieces displayed above the band, and even contemplating how one could steal it.


With waitstaff in buttoned-up vests, every aspect of their customer service feels like a swanky old-school joint. I can't say we've ever had a bad experience with their customer service. The excellent service ensures that your glass is always full, and you leave feeling satisfied.

Make sure to include Bix's in your list of destinations for a perfect night out, whether it's a romantic date or a fun gathering with friends. Immerse yourself in the refined atmosphere of the past and elevate your style with a touch of class