From Us to You, A Collection of Vintage Furniture & Home Goods

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We are Guest House, & we began this journey by combining our love of furniture with our love for curating unique individual spaces. Our inspiration & benchmark will always be our own home, & our love of hosting friends and family in a special place.

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Our Signature Candle

"Stay Awhile” is our our first attempt at making our own product. it's a scent perfect for hosting any guest; family, friend or lover. 🕯

  • Nouzhan Vakili

    "From a Margiela to Maison Louis Marie, I’ve gone through my fair share of candles. As soon as I opened the packaging, stay awhile from guest house was instantly a favorite."

  • Meredith Brooks

    "Stay Awhile is the perfect “fall scent” — but could (and will be) be enjoyed year round. It gives my apartment a super cozy feeling!"

  • Caitlin Burnham

    “I love the candle! I like to light it when I need to wind down for the night”

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