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Welcome, To Guesthouse.

We are Jordan & Jaquory and we started Guest House over a year ago to bring people together through interior design.

Why Guest House

Our love for furniture & curating individual spaces was born from the narrative of gathering and hosting friends and family in our own home.

Guest House means a lot more than an extra room to us. Guest House symbolizes peace and space for nurturing memories with people who matter the most.

What We Do.

Today, Guest House focuses primarily on curating furniture & home goods in SF and LA. Our goal is to build and feed a community of individuals looking to create the perfect space for themselves, and those who matter to them.

Of course as our community grows, our products and vision grow with it. We’re excited to bring you what’s next. 

Why We Do It.

We never want to be just another “vintage reseller” . We have always seen Guest House as a brand & community. 

We began our journey with vintage furniture so we could begin curating our community, without having to contribute to the immense waste in “fast furniture” 

If you like what you see, welcome home. We’ll take it from here...