House Call with Saint

House Call with Saint

Saint, As one of the first accounts we discovered when we first moved to the Bay Area two years ago, your work immediately caught our attention. Your iconic chair tattoos and distinctive style, which are evident in both your home and personal fashion, resonated with us, as they do with many others. 

We appreciate you not only taking the time work on an incredible collaboration with us, but more importantly, allowing us to gain a glimpse into your life. Thank you for your contributions to the art community and for being a source of inspiration to so many. 

You grew up in the Bay Area. What was that like?

I did! :) I was born in SF and raised in South San Francisco. I’m forever grateful to my parents who immigrated from the Philippines to build a life for my sister and I in The Bay. The Bay has an abundance of diverse cultures and communities. My parents always took the opportunity to share our culture with my friends. My house was the headquarters for us to share stories, hang out & eat homemade delicacies from the Philippines. We’d have day’s out exploring the city or towns around us. I have memories of ghost hunting in Golden Gate Park, driving to different viewpoints in the city, painting walls in abandoned buildings, having bonfires at “our” secret beach in Pacifica and getting late night food at Lucky Chances at 2AM. I grew up with so many beautiful memories which shaped me to who I am today. I couldn’t see myself growing up anywhere else!

What led you to pursue a career in tattooing?

I had an epiphany at my 9-5 that I hated. 

I realized I was a replaceable aspect in the corporation. I took a step back and wondered why I burnt myself out for something I didn’t align with. I picked up tattooing in 2020, and finally felt in tune with myself. As a recovering people pleaser, I realized I’ve been living for what was expected of me vs what I actually wanted to do. Life is too short to be unhappy. I just want to live an honest life and take up space in this world as a queer filipinx artist.

What is your source of inspiration?

I pull inspiration from everyday life. I notice little details about my surroundings. The veins in leaves, the energy field people radiate, the way the concrete sidewalk cracks from the roots of the tree buried underneath. There’s inspiration everywhere! 

Explain what aura reading tattoos are. What influenced your transition from flash tattoos to aura reading tattoos?

I started my tattoo career with flash tattoos of chairs, furniture and cute illustrations that stem from childhood. I shifted my direction to aura reading tattoos because I felt the need to move on and evolve as an artist. I wanted to challenge myself and create something I’ve never seen before. I read my clients auric field and freehand a design straight onto their bodies. It’s a whole magical energy exchange between my client and I. 

 You just got finished with a long work day, tell us what a perfect afternoon looks like for you.

I’ve grown into a home body where I just want to run home after long day of work. Energy work is very draining so I need my time to cleanse and recharge at home with my partner and dogs. I live for the simple times at home! 


Describe your home using five words.  

  1. Alive
  2. Evolving 
  3. Curated 
  4. Rest
  5. Cozy

What home decor item do you consider to be your most cherished?

My tea set because I love hosting cute tea parties with my loved ones! I have a growing collection of teapots, handmade ceramic tea cups, tea spoons and loose leaf tea. These pieces have been gifted, sourced or made by my fiancé and I.

 What is the best advice you’ve received? 

You are capable of creating the things you have in your mind.



Thank you, Saint. Or shall we say, @nothankyousaint